Zultys Phone System

Zultys On Premise Solution

Zultys On Premise Solution

Why Zultys?

  • Can deploy system on-site, hosted (in the cloud), software only or a combination of all 3 without loosing features or functionality!
  • Screen-centric for PC and Mac users as a Softphone option (allow your computer to be your phone), Smartphone Mobile applications that are great for mobile workers!
  • Built in robust call-reporting, call recording, conference bridge and web collaboration!
  • Zultys works with non-proprietary phone hardware. Already have SIP phones but not happy with the software? We can migrate them over to one of the Zultys Platforms.
  • System is software driven which means it is easy for companies that are growing to add to the system without having to worry about running out of room on a system card like a traditional phone system.

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Zultys Business Phone

One of the many phone model options available from DataComm Plus