Money Saving Locks

Changing your keys has never been this fast, easy, or cost-efficient. With SmartLoc rekeyable lock cylinders, you are in complete control of your own security. Change keys in seconds, at the door, without paying a locksmith or tying up the valuable time of maintenance personnel. In fact, you don’t even have to remove the lock. Our patented technology allows you to reset your lock to match a new key effortlessly. With up to 15 unique key changes per lock, it’s like having 15 locks for the price of one.

Save Time and Money with SmartLoc’s patented REKEYABLE cylinders.

SmartLoc allows you to personally rekey your locks in less than 30 seconds without having to call, wait for and pay a locksmith, SmartLoc’scylinders put you in control of your business’s security.

With Smartloc’s patented technology, gone are the days of gambling with your business’s security due to the inconvenience and cost of using a locksmith to rekey your locks.  Giving you the ability to change your key 20 times without ever changing the lock you are guaranteed to save a minimum of $2,000 per lock over the lifetime of the cylinder.

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