5 Times You Should Avoid Video Conferencing

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Promoting communication among your business practices helps form relationships and allows for unlimited growth. One way to provide a good visual experience when contacting clients is to utilize the benefits of video conferencing. While video conferencing is a great way to interact and engage in a virtual group meeting, there can be some drawbacks as well. Here are five examples of when you should try to avoid video conferencing.

Benefits to Hiring Work From Home Employees

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In our last post, we shared how DataComm technologies such as cloud computing, VoIP phone systems, and video conferencing can help you best manage your work from home employees.

Just ten years ago, limits to technology made legitimate, full-time work from home opportunities seem like a thing of the very distant future. But now that modern conveniences have proved their worth when it comes to work from home arrangements, it’s time for employers to consider the very real benefits to hiring work from home employees.

How to Manage Work From Home Employees

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Thanks to cloud-based computing technology, more and more businesses are able to consider hiring work from home employees. Cost savings are among the many benefits to work from home or telecommuting employees, yet many employers are reluctant to create home-based positions due to fear that work from home employees won’t be well-equipped or as productive as office-based workers.

There are ways for a business to reap the pluses of work from home employees without the perceived drawbacks. Here are our tips for keeping work from home employees accountable.