Emergency Alert System

Emergency Alert System – Keeping you in Tune with your Business

When something goes wrong with your business, you want to know immediately so you can fix the situation.  And physical security is no different.  That’s why DataComm Plus includes an Emergency Alert System as part of its Security  Solutions.  The physical safety of your business is critical.  Keeping in tune with what is happening at all times is very difficult without a system designed to provide an alert whenever there is an issue.

Immediate Notification

If an alarm is triggered at one of your DataComm Plus Emergency Alert System monitored facilities, you can trust that the authorities designated to deal with the problem are notified immediately.  This minimizes and often prevents any damage to your business property and belongings, and it gets you and your business back on the track to normalcy as quickly as possible.

DataComm Plus is invested in keeping you and your business safe, and our Emergency Alert  System and Security Solutions can help do just that.  If you’re ready to speak with a DataComm Plus representative about how our Emergency Alert System can keep your business secure, give us a call today at (262) 207-1100, or use our web form to request more information.