Hosted IP Solutions

Unlike a traditional Business Phone System, our hosted IP solutions require no onsite PBX hardware. Your IP phone connects to our enterprise servers in the cloud giving your business the ease of scalability and the mobility to work from anywhere. DataComm Plus has a variety of hosted IP solutions to fit our business partner’s needs.

Toshiba VIPedge              

The VIPedge cloud based business telephone solution provides industry-leading, feature-rich functionality based upon the on-premise Toshiba IPedge business telephone system architecture.


iVoice’s Hosted IP solutions solve the problem of how to combine convergent and cost-efficient telecommunications. What would normally require an onsite robust phone system is now provided by our iVoice’s Hosted IP Solutions.

If you’re ready to talk to DataComm Plus about our Hosted IP solutions in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, give us a call today at (262) 207-1100, or request Hosted IP Solution information online.