Employee Alert! Panic Button Systems

It’s Time for Employee Alert!

In today’s world of corporate liability settlements and employee education, it is important to provide staff with security options that fit into the real needs of the company and its employees. Accountability increases the compliance to personal boundaries when staff work in areas where they may experience one-on-one confrontations. Your business needs an affordable solution to meet federal, state and local regulations related to staff safety. Employee Alert! is that solution! This system provides a real-time way to recognize employees who activate their Alert! Panic Buttons by giving them a sense of security with increased response time, all while stopping security risks before they become headlines.

Employee Alert! System

Employee Alert! is a custom panic button system for any business or non-profit where employee security is
a concern. This system uses state-of-the-art technology to send a signal to management or security teams when an employee is in trouble. It also assists in locating employees who are experiencing unsafe work conditions.

Employee Alert! System Features:

  • Signal Strength Test
  • Pre-registered security panic buttons
  • Customized software specific to your business’ unique needs
  • Custom alert path so that you decide how to receive alerts and who has access to the information
  • Emergency Protocol Templates
  • Highest quality installation, support and service in the industry!




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