Spam Ninja

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Deleting spam messages can be an extremely time consuming task for your employees. This is an unnecessary process which has a negative impact on the overall productivity of your business. As a business owner or department manager, you want every single employee on your staff to be able to manage their time to its fullest potential. However, many small businesses don’t want to justify the expense of per user based pricing models or more expensive hardware solutions.
With Spam Ninja, you can now outsource your spam issues and save a significant amount of time and company resources while receiving the highest filtering averages in the industry. Not only that but Spam Ninja also gives you 24/7 monitoring and tech support, a user-friendly web control panel, unlimited email traffic and primary/fallback MX. There is also no contract required for your small business to take advantage of the powerful features offered by Spam Ninja.

Corporate Spam Filtering

When it comes to solving spam issues, corporations have the same concerns as personal and small business users. They don’t want to implement expensive hardware solutions even though spam is creating a negative impact on overall productivity. To solve these spam issues for larger businesses, corporations and organizations, Spam Ninja offers corporate accounts for those businesses with over 200 mailboxes in need of protection from unwanted spam messages.
You can rest assured that your corporation is working to its fullest potential with professional spam filtering. Corporations also receive the benefit of 24/7 monitoring and tech support, an easy to use web control panel, spam filtering of unlimited email traffic and primary/fallback MX. Just like personal and small business accounts, corporations can increase productivity through the power of Spam Ninja with no contract required for this service.

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