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A Unified Business Communication System helps any company take advantage of all of their assets. By providing a business communication system that easily allows your staff to work together, you are one step closer to a cohesive business unit.

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It has long been apparent that one of the most important aspects of a successful business is creating an effective, easy-to-use, collaborative work environment. DataComm Plus can help your business connect all your employees, vendors and customers, no matter where they are.

More than a phone system

Milwaukee Benefits to Hiring Work From Home Employees 300x200 Phone SystemsA phone system is standard, but a Unified Business Communication System integrates a business phone system with so much more. This system allows your employees to connect with one another, your customers and vendors by providing desktop sharing, virtual work groups, corporate mobile networking, video conferencing, phone conferencing, instant messaging and more.

Cut costs. Increase productivity. Improve Collaboration.

Easy Business Communications

Making communication easier equals making your business easier to run, grow and thrive. Unified Business Communication Systems cut costs by allowing employees to connect from the office, home or the road — and that means more productivity and near-seamless collaboration for your team. We offer the best business phone systems to fit your needs, which includes a traditional phone systems, Voice- Over-IP Phone Systems, Hosted IP and Call Center Solutions. Additionally, we offer Telecommunication Consulting and our DataComm Partnership Plans and DataComm Complete Programs to help ensure you are able to get and maintain the best possible communications system so you can stay connected with your customers and vendors. We see ourselves as your business partner, and we’ll help you get the business phone systems in place that’s best for your company.

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