SIP Trunks and Data Packets and How They’re Changing Connectivity Today

SIP Trunks & Data Packets and How They’re Changing Connectivity Today!


Phone Lines
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In reality, everything today is SIP or data packets, pretty much everything. It might not be the last mile, but when it comes right down to it, it’s all data packets.

The whole problem is that it’s all data and each conversation has its own marking going over the same data stream or pipe.

In the end, there really is no cost for the phone call that you have. Think about it like this – your email.

No one says how many emails you can create and send to one person. And no one says how many emails can be sent out at one time. It’s really the same thing for voice channels over the Internet (or VOIP). SIP trunks (Session Initiation Protocol) is really just a license and is being monitored at the switch.

The government actively requires providers to tell it how many concurrent call path licenses are being used, because it wants to charge taxes and fees on each call path or line because that’s how it’s always done it.

Until they change how they regulate and charge fees, we have to charge the lines to our clients as per SIP trunk or per concurrent call path – even though that’s not really the way anymore.

We are one of the only companies out there right now that can actually lower the cost based on your actual usage. We have a call accounting/traffic study to see how much usage you actually have (even during your peak hours of the day) to figure out how many “lines” you actually need. 

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