How Do I know What type of Business Phone System to Purchase?

How Do I know What type of Business Phone System to Purchase?

I’m so glad you asked! Let’s break it down to the two most important questions. What is your goal for this phone system and what is your building infrastructure?

One of Many VoIP Phone Options.

Goals vary from organization to organization. Do you need to be able to transfer calls easily? Change out extensions without an IT professional due to high turnover or transition rates? Is it important to you that mobile workers are reachable on a cell device or soft phone? Do you need conferencing solutions for a collaborative work environment? Almost all modern systems can do all of these functions but the real question comes down to understanding your long term goals for expenditures such as an investment in communication.

Does your current building have cat5e cable running to every location you would like a phone? Do you have fiber running to your building? What is your current phone bill like and are you happy with it? Do you have a strong network that can support both voice and data? Is your organization planning on staying in your current building or would you possibly move in 1-5 years?

All of these questions build a picture of possible communication strategies and challenges for businesses. The last thing you need is a sales person trying to sell you a system that doesn’t actually accomplish your goals or meet your needs (or worse, is not functional due to building infrastructure). One more difficulty is that often times IT professionals are not experts in voice technology and might not be able to advise on issues and matters related to unified communication. The short answer to this question is that you need a team member who can help you decipher all of the goals and limitations and help you negotiate with the phone line providers to get the best fit for your unique needs.

Working with a Customer Advocate is the best way to make sure you’re purchasing exactly what you need. DataComm Plus can help you navigate the different factors that will play into making the right choice and saving your company real dollars. It is worth it to investigate a path for business voice that includes more than one potential brand so that you can be sure you’re getting the best fit. Find your phone guru today and get started with the best business voice solution you have ever had! 

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