Does Your Office Need a New Phone System?

Office Phone Systems

Arranging An AppointmentWhile it is possible to find a wealth of company information on the Internet, taking the time to personally call a company is far from obsolete. This means that even if your business is hard at work with the latest Internet technology, you can’t let your phone technology fall behind either. Here are six signs that it is time to consider new office phone systems.

Signs You Need a New Phone System

1. Your System Can’t Support Your Current Call Volume
Some office phone systems can handle more calls at a time than others. If yours isn’t keeping up, it is probably time to upgrade. Otherwise, your customers are likely to become frustrated and take their business elsewhere.2. Your System Doesn’t Allow Room for GrowthWhile basic office phone systems are fine when you are just starting out as a small company, eventually you want your company to grow and expand. As it does, you will need to upgrade to your phone system to keep up.

3. Your System Can’t Handle Multiple Locations

Once your company is ready to expand from one building into two, you will need to start looking at office phone systems that can handle multiple locations. This way you can transfer calls and communicate as needed.

4. Your System Has Glitches

Nothing is worse than being on hold for a long time only to be accidentally hung up on. Office phone systems with glitches can be absolutely detrimental to your company’s growth. If your system has glitches, update right away.

5. Your System Lacks Functionality

As your company grows, you may begin to need new features that you could get by without before, such as “find me/follow me” or an “auto attendant” to help you manage your calls.

6. Your System is Too Expensive

Lastly, your system has to be affordable. If you purchased a system with all of the bells and whistles but your company hasn’t grown as you expected it too, you may need to start looking at more affordable office phone systems.

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