Fight Winter Blues With Employee Morale-boosting Tips

employee morale 300x200 Fight Winter Blues With Employee Morale boosting TipsWhen it is cold outside and gray clouds engulf the sky, employee morale can take a serious dip. You don’t have to wait for spring to see a boost in employee spirits. Although you can’t make the flowers bloom or raise the temperature, making some small adjustments can help create major employee mood boosts. Unsure where to start? We have some tips to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Simple Ways to Increase Employee Morale:

Break Time

Breaks should not be limited to the employees who are coffeeholics and smokers. Sometimes employees need some positive encouragement from management to get away from the computer screen and take a break. Employees are more apt to get up and out when it is warmer outside, but tend to lag during the wintertime. During these months, integrate mandatory breaks into the work schedule. Something as simple as a five-minute break twice a day is a good start, as it provides reprieve from any work-induced eye strain or waning productivity.


Ambiance is everything when it comes to employee morale. How you furnish and decorate your office is indicative of how you feel about your workplace. Sometimes, indoor lighting can be harsh on the eyes, so lighting should be a main design consideration. While open windows and sunshine are ideal, you can still add warmth to a room with soft, decorative lighting solutions. Additionally, soft touches like area rugs and wall art can help increase employee morale.

Lighten the Mood

When it comes to employee morale, learning to take a break is key. Learning to take a break AND have fun is essential, though. Being a professional does not equate to not ever having fun. Something as simple as a game or team-building exercise can work wonders. The result? Fun activities like this often result in a new sense of trust and comfort that translates into increased employee morale.

Learn More

In addition to integrating these mood-boosting additions into your company’s regular schedule, arming your team with the right technology, tools, and resources also plays an important role in the enhancement of employee morale. DataComm Plus is your one-stop shop for state-of-the-art phone systems, cloud-based tools, and other virtual resources.

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