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video conferencing 1 300x199 Video Conferencing How toYou have mastered the video conferencing basics. Things are going smoothly. Have you asked yourself if any improvements could be made to your setup, though? When it comes to video conferencing, there are some simple design changes every business could benefit from making. Everything from the color walls you have to the lighting and decor you hang has the potential to promote productivity or increase distractions. Because of this, our business communication experts have compiled a list of some basic video conferencing considerations every business owner should make.

For Your Consideration: Lights. Color. Action.


Although you may think color has little to do with your video conference, know that it can make a difference in your presentation. Neutral tones like beige and off white are always good choices, as they allow any charts or graphics to be easily seen. However, it is important to distinguish between off white and stark white. Stark white has the potential to wash out both you and your presentation materials. If you are looking for something with a touch of color, a cool-toned blue is choice. It creates both a calming effect and provides enough contrast for you and your presentation materials to remain visible.


A conference room without windows, which is ideal for video conferencing, is not always available. In fact, you may welcome the view that accompanies windows. If this is the case, you are encouraged to apply a window treatment or install shades that eliminate direct sunlight. On the same token, you will want to avoid extremely bright, harsh lighting.


Video conferencing rooms do not have to be dull and sparse. In fact, personal touches can add warmth to this space, which can help put attendees at ease. When it comes to conference room decor, there are some basic guidelines you will want to consider. For example, do not place mirrors or picture frames in the direct view of the video camera, as these items’ reflective surface can cast unwanted glares that create distractions.

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