How to Manage Work From Home Employees

Thanks to cloud-based computing technology, more and more businesses are able to consider hiring work from home employees. Cost savings are among the many benefits to work from home or telecommuting employees, yet many employers are reluctant to create home-based positions due to fear that work from home employees won’t be well-equipped or as productive as office-based workers.

There are ways for a business to reap the pluses of work from home employees without the perceived drawbacks. Here are our tips for keeping work from home employees accountable.

How to Make Work From Home Work For Your Business

Build Effective Telecommunication Networks

Milwaukee How to Manage Work From Home Employees DataCommMilwaukee How to Manage Work From Home Employees DataComm 300x200 How to Manage Work From Home EmployeesThe key to making work from home positions effective is creating a telecommunications network that will keep your employees connected to each other, their supervisors, and to you. Video conferencing is an effective way for on-site and work from home employees to communicate, and if you partner with a top-notch telecommunications expert like DataComm, you’ll access top-of-the-line technology to optimize your video conferencing experience. You can hold weekly or monthly meetings through video conferencing to ensure that all work from home and on-site employees are up-to-date with company happenings. Company email and chat programs are very conducive for day-to-day communications.

Another technology perfect for work from home employees is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system. With a VoIP system, your employees don’t need a landline to make local or long-distance business calls. Rather, they can use their internet connection to communicate with the office or with customers.

Be Clear About Deadlines & Expectations

It’s key to make standards, processes, schedules, and consequences clear to your work from home employees, just as you would establish deadlines and expectations with on-site employees. All work from home employees should thoroughly understand their tasks, company standards, and individual as well as whole project deadlines so that they can budget their time appropriately. If a work from home employee doesn’t meet a deadline or your expectations, follow through with the established repercussions. You should measure your work from home employees with the same guidelines as your on-site employees.

One good way to help work from home employees and their supervisors stay on the same page? Try a task or project management software. Managers can set up tasks for individual work from home employees to complete, then track employee time and monitor their progress. Many programs also include comment features so that supervisors and work from home employees can communicate about specific tasks within the system. This set up not only helps you keep tabs on your work from home employees, but also enables the employees themselves to track their progression and productivity.

Capitalize on Cloud Storage Programs

Cloud storage capabilities are essential for successful work from home ventures. With cloud computing, your business will save the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining work from home employees’ computing equipment. The employees will be able to use their own computers and internet connection to tap into the secure company network created by your cloud storage. Data can be accessed, shared, created, and stored by any employees, anywhere, at any time.

Get Help With Work From Home Telecommunications

If your business is ready to hire or transition current on-site workers into full or part-time work from home employees, DataComm can provide the telecommunications support you need. Serving Franklin, WI and the Milwaukee area, we offer telecommunications consulting to help your business implement an effecitve work from home system.

Contact DataComm today to learn more about our video conferencing, VoIP, and cloud storage solutions, or call (262) 207-1100 for more details on creating a strong work from home telecommunications process.

Proudly serving the Franklin, WI, and Milwaukee areas.

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