Benefits of Colocation for Your Business

Wisconsin | Benefits of Colocation for Your Business
It costs time, money, and manpower for your business to maintain the on-site IT infrastructure you need to conduct business. Have you considered how IT colocation services might up your productivity?

With colocation services, your private servers are housed in a secure, professional datacenter, providing you with a larger bandwidth, reduced latency, and a more advanced infrastructure. Your service provider will monitor your servers and complete manual server restarts when needed; otherwise, you will be able to administer your own hardware remotely.

So why should you consider colocation services for your business?

Why Should Your Business Use IT Colocation?

It Saves Money

Yes, colocation services aren’t free, but investing now will actually save your business money. Your IT expenses will drop when you move to a colocation facility because you won’t have to provide the equipment or staff to manage an on-site IT center. You’ll have access to the latest technology without having to spend any more than your monthly colocation fees.

It’s ReliableWisconsin | Benefits of Colocation for Your Business

Whereas a power outage or internet connectivity issue at your business could render your IT infrastructure temporarily inaccessible, colocation facilities have power and internet redundancy systems that make them more reliable. Generators and back-up power sources will keep your servers running even in the event of an electrical issue; likewise, network issues or switch-overs won’t be a problem due to the reliable networks and internet back-ups at the colocation center.

It Improves System Performance

When your infrastructure is switched to a colocation site, it performs better. With the best internet systems and power rates, your colocation services will maximize your system, minimize down time, and ensure fast, responsive, secure internet connections.

It Provides Security

Not only are your systems reliable and responsive with colocation — your IT infrastructure is also resistant to hardware or software failures. Colocation will keep your data secure both physically — your servers will be locked and inaccessible to other users, and the facilities will be carefully monitored by your service providers — and digitally by firewalls. You can rest assured that your data will be secure at a colocation facility.

It Saves Space & Allows for Growth

Housing an IT infrastructure takes space — physical space that could be used in other ways to best benefit your business. With colocation, you gain back that space for your company. Plus, since you aren’t devoting your own physical space to your infrastructure, there is always room for growth — both physical and technological. As your data needs evolve along with your business, your colocation provider can adjust your infrastructure as needed, including adding or removing bandwidth.

Get Reliable Colocation Services From DataComm Plus

With DataComm Plus, you can reap all of the above benefits of colocation services, plus receive our excellent technical support. If there is ever a problem or a question with your data or infrastructure, our specialists will be there to address your issues.

Want to speak with a DataComm Plus representative about what we can do for your business? Call today at (262) 207-1100, or request information on our colocation services online.

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