How to Stay Focused in the Workplace

workplaceWhen you are in the workplace, you are expected to work your hardest to fulfill all of your daily responsibilities. Despite our best efforts, the workplace often becomes a place of distraction. The first hour you go into work, you often feel prepared to get your work finished. During this time, you have the highest amount of focus; however, as the lunch hour gets closer, our minds begin to wander. From here, many suffer from after-lunch fatigue and, eventually, we think about going home. When it comes to the workplace, focus isn’t guaranteed. In fact, it’s usually something that is learned. Fortunately, DataComm Plus has the details about how you can increase your focus in the workplace.

Tips for Increasing Your Workplace Focus:

Workplace Focus Tip #1 – Create a Strict Schedule

One of the best ways to avoid workplace distraction is to create a strict schedule, making sure you have it memorized. If you don’t have a strict schedule, you will find yourself getting distracted by the smallest disturbances. Oftentimes, gaps in time result in gaps in your mind. The solution? Follow a strict schedule, forcing your mind to focus on the task at hand and then the next. After you do this a few times, your mind will become trained to stay on task, better maintaining focus in the workplace.

Workplace Focus Tip #2 – Provide Specific Explanations of Your Workload

Unfortunately, coworkers are sometimes the biggest workplace distractions. It is easy to lose focus at work when your fellow peers are regularly asking you to help with tasks. To avoid falling into this cycle of non-productivity, be specific about what your current workload. If someone comes into your office and asks if you can help but you are busy, they may want to know what you are doing, which opens the door up for more conversation…unless you are to-the-point. A simple explanation should nip the problem in the bud, helping you quickly retain your workplace focus.

Workplace Focus Tip #3 – Manage Your Office Communication

Good communication is the lifeblood of business; however, unproductive communication can be the downfall of an establishment. Daily operations often call for frequent interactions with customers and colleagues. The phone is perhaps the easiest way to get off task. A simple way to prevent this time suck is the utilization of alternative forms of communication. For example, if email or memos are an acceptable alternative, use them. And in the event that this is not an option, make a brief outline of what you need to discuss before making a call. Once you begin the conversation, explain that you have a limited time frame but would like to discuss a few items. Doing so will help you stay on task and maintain your workplace focus.

Increase Workplace Efficiency Today.

Employing these tips will help you maintain your focus at the workplace. In addition to helping you get through your daily workload, your company will benefit from your newfound productivity.

To learn how DataComm Plus can help enhance your workplace efficiency, contact us at (262) 207-1100 today.

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18 thoughts on “How to Stay Focused in the Workplace

  1. These are great tips, I really like the second one. I have never heard of this strategy but it does make a lot of sense. The more important your task at hand sounds or more focussed on it you appear, the less likely the person interrupting is going to try and take up more of your time.

  2. Sometimes I find it is hard to stay focused on a task when I have my email open. I am constantly interrupting myself to respond to emails. It would do me well to set aside a time just for emails and then close my email window in between.

  3. When working on the computer for a good portion of the day, it seems like the biggest distraction is separation of personal life and work life–with everything being so easily accessible from your phone or a laptop, it is obvious that, when you’re sitting in front of a screen with internet access, people can be easily drawn to facebook, twitter, blogs, etc. The only way to combat this is to know when you’re spending too much time on personal sites and when you should be getting back to work; try getting on social media at specific times only and staying engaged in social media for an alotted time only.

  4. It’s so easy to get distracted at work! Workplace communication can be one of the worst because sometimes you have to wait to hear back from co workers before moving on with a project. A good system can save lots of time and avoid distractions.

  5. Staying focused at work is never easy because of all the distractions that happen. Getting phone calls in the middle of a meeting or someone popping in unexpectedly makes it hard to stay focused but following a strict schedule has helped me the most.

  6. I’ve always felt like working in a group can often times be frustrating because of the distractions. Schedules will help ensure a good workflow, as well as maintaining focus within the team.

  7. This is a skill I work on everyday because I’m just not that good at it. Its to easy to talk to a co-worker or play on the computer. I;m not as bad as I sound but learning how to work through the distractions is a skill all in itself.

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