How to Choose the Best Small Business Phone System

business phone system

business phone systemIs your small business phone system simply a means for making phone calls, or do you utilize it to grow your business? How you use your business phone system says a lot about your small business.

If your office phone system just serves as a method for receiving phone calls, your small business is missing out big time. Once you are ready to make the change, be sure to implement the following tips when you are selecting your next business phone system.

Tips for Selecting a Business Phone System:

Business Phone System Technology

Today’s most advanced business phone system operates on an Internet Protocol (IP network). Choosing a system that runs on this all-inclusive network, is an absolute must if you want a business phone system that makes your daily workplace operations more efficient. How big of an affect can these systems have on your business? The options are almost endless, so you will need to decide what business phone system features you think are beneficial to your operation.

Business Phone System Options:

Video Conferencing –  there’s nothing more frustrating than conducting a business meeting on the phone only to stumble over the other party, accidentally interrupting, because you can’t see them. With video conferencing technology, those awkward interruptions can become a thing of the past. If you haven’t experienced this business phone system technology firsthand, think of it as a telephone call with real-time video footage.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – trying to handle sales, technical, and customer service issues can be a difficult task. But what if we told you all of these factors could be easily integrated and managed from your business phone system? With CRM technology, your phone system can become one of your most powerful tools yet.

Wireless Data Access – one of the quickest ways to lose a sale is by leaving a customer’s side to find the answer they have asked. Using a wireless IP business phone system, you can check on inventory at off-site locations from the convenience of your store phone. Sometimes, your ability to find a quick answer to your customer’s inquiry can make or break your sale.

Presence Technology – roaming around an office trying to find an employee to take a call isn’t exactly professional. If you do not want the person on the other end of the call to get frustrated, consider implementing convenient presence technology, which enables you to identify available office parties at ease.

Mass Notification System – whether you need to send a phone, text, or email message, unified messaging systems can be used to handle all of these communication needs. It’s as easy as that. All you have to do is create the message and this business phone system technology will handle the rest.

Become More Efficient Today With a Proper Business Phone System.

Running a small business does not give you license to use old, outdated business phone system technology. To compete with your larger competitors, having the right tools, specifically business phone system technology, is of paramount importance. Before you make the transition to a new business phone system, consider what tools you want your system to be equipped with.

To learn about our array of business phone system services, contact DataComm Plus at (262) 207-1100 today.

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20 thoughts on “How to Choose the Best Small Business Phone System

  1. I’ve worked with a company before that used some kind of AT&T phone service. It was not the best. There was no option as far as hold music goes and the default was an AWFUL jazz music. We had many customer complaints and probably lost a bunch of customers on hold too.

  2. Having been in on many over-the-phone meetings and running into the problem of everyone talking at once, and then nobody talking because everybody is waiting for the other to talk, I completely agree with the video teleconference call point.

  3. I had no idea there were so many features for a small business phone system. I can definitely see why some of these features make sense for certain businesses. Not all of them are necessary for every small business but that is also why it is important to understand your businesses needs. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great tips! Some of the hardest parts of helping a business function to the fullest is optimal communication between ALL parties involved; it’s important to keep that line of communication available between clients and the business. Great post and thanks for the information!

  5. I love technology for making face-to-face meetings possible from a distance with programs like skype, google hangouts, etc. because seeing someone’s body language is so critical to building a lasting relationship between business parties! Thank you for the advice and tips!

  6. I love conference calls because you can get so much accomplished! You just sign into the line and you can be in your own office with all of your supplies and phone meetings tend to stay a bit more on-topic than some person-to-person meetings (although there are plenty of examples of those phone calls that get off-topic!).

  7. I like the customer relationship menagment aspects on which you briefly touched; this is a vital part of managing returning customers, getting first-time customers to become returning customers, and pulling new referrals from those existing new and returning customers.

  8. I feel like a lot of these tips could be helpful for anyone trying to choose a phone service, not just small businesses! I definitely agree that customer relationship management is something to consider. Like the post mentioned, trying to handle sales, technical, and customer service issues can be a difficult task. It only becomes more difficult if the management isn’t easy to work with. My tip would be to read a bunch of reviews about a company before you decide if they’re the one you want to go with.

  9. My small office building has no more than 30 people in it. Also, only fifteen at the most are in at a time. Even with that short in numbers, we still need a more phones to go around. However, we need to get a new system also. I’d like to learn more about those system options you shared. Can you share some more information about them?

  10. Finding a phone system that enables you to know who is available to take a call or not is really helpful. If they can tell you who’s available, that will allow you to assist the customer faster avoiding any issues with the customer like you mentioned. Testing the phone system before installing it in the office would be a good idea.

  11. Thank you for all this great information about choosing a business phone system. One thing that really stood out to me is that you should choose a system that runs on an all-inclusive network. It would be nice to have a network that is helping you out the entire way.

  12. In this day and age, it almost feels like everything is wireless! Even if it costs just a little bit more for wireless, I definitely say it is worth it. The worst is when you need to go somewhere but you are restricted by a cord. The worst! I connect with a lot of these tips so thank you! I was unaware of the presence technology, where it is easier to know where someone is! That will definitely help in my office. Any advice on where to get a service like that? Thanks again!

  13. That’s a great point you make about how choosing a system that runs on an Internet Protocol (IP network) is an absolute must. I’ve heard that there’s some phone systems that run faster than others based on your geographical location. Is that true? I’ll have to keep this information in mind for if I’m ever in charge of choosing a phone system for a business.

  14. I agree that there are more benefits to to had out there with our phone systems than just having an answering system. It’s amazing how technology has improved the capabilities of phone systems, for home use and especially for business use. It has become easier than ever for us to communicate with each other. It’s important that you find a service that meets your needs now as a business and can meet your needs later as the business grows.

  15. I never realized how many phone system options are available for businesses. However, it makes sense that because they are communicating with so many people, both within and outside of the company, they would need a great phone system. It’s interesting how you point out that small businesses that have a quality phone system can better compete with their larger competitors.

  16. It’s interesting to know that when it comes to a business choosing a phone system for their company, that there are a lot of things that they can choose from. I like how you pointed out that one thing they might want to look at is if video conferencing is something that they need to help them be a little more successful. Personally, I think it is great for those businesses that will use it to help them be able to get international and have better business overall.

  17. There really are a lot of features that you need to look for when choosing a phone system for your business. In particular, I think the suggestion to get a system that offers video conferencing is a great one. After all, video conferencing can go a long way towards making a meeting with business partners who live far away much easier.

  18. That’s really cool that you point out that it’s a good idea to get a business phone system that’ll help you check your inventory off-site while still using your work phone. It’s important that your customers can contact you. Talking is always a good way to to get information across. It’d be a good idea to make sure that your company has a good business phone system.

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