How to Stay Focused at Work

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focused-at-workWhen you are at work, you are expected to work your hardest to finish all your daily activities. This is not always easy because it is human nature to begin getting distracted.

The first hour that you go into work, you are feeling ready to get your work done and you have the highest amount of focus; however, as lunch hour gets closer, you begin to think about things other than work like “what did I bring for lunch” or “I hope my spouse answers my call.” After you come back from lunch, you are full and possibly thinking about taking a nap, but as the day goes on your attention begins to shift to going home. Sometimes in order to give your best work, you have to learn to focus at work.


Guide to Staying Focused at Work

One of the best ways to avoid a distraction at work is to create a strict schedule and make sure you have it memorized. If you don’t have a strict schedule, you will find yourself getting distracted from other things because there is a gap in time, therefore there is a gap in your mind. If you follow a strict schedule, your mind will focus on the task at hand and as you finish that task, your mind will automatically switch to the next task. If you leave open gaps for thinking, distraction is sure to follow and you will lose focus at work.

It is easy to lose focus at work because your fellow peers may ask you to defer from what you are doing. You want to avoid this distraction by being specific about what you are doing. If someone comes into your office and asks if you can help them and you tell them you are busy, they are going to want to know what you are doing, then you are going to have to explain and it opens up the door for more conversation. To avoid this distraction, if you are specific about what you are doing, it doesn’t open up the door to other questions and perhaps longer conversation.

Another great way to focus at work is to manage your forms of communication. You have to communicate with the people you work with and sometimes your customers. Some people find the phone can be very distracting because it is an open line of communication where you can no only speak but get a response. If you are known for being a bit of a chatty Kathy, then perhaps you need to change your means of communication and try using email or memos to communicate so therefore your responses are limited and you don’t have to worry about someone interrupting your response and going off topic.

It can be difficult to focus at work, but with some of these helpful tips, it is possible. Staying focused can be beneficial in the long run because it allows you to get more work done, impress the boss, and may even help you when it comes to being put up for a new promotion.


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