Desk Organization: Why is it Important?


desk-organizationYour desk represents you, and the state your desk is in on any given workday gives insight into your habits, style, and work patterns.

Your desk is more than a snapshot of “you at work.”

The way your desk is organized can affect productivity.

A messy desk can distract you, reduce efficiency and even harm your health. Without an organized desk, you’re likely to be more stressed and frazzled at work. If you take time to organize and clean your work space, however, you can quickly realize the benefits.

We’ve gathered some simple steps for keeping an organized desk. Follow these guidelines to get more done at work and reduce your stress on the job.

Desk Organization: The Basics

Set a time to tidy up each week

The first and possibly most important step to take is to set a time during the week to tidy the desk. This could be on a Wednesday afternoon when the work is done for the day or a Thursday morning with coffee. Choosing one consistent “clean up” day and time will help the task become a routine. You can even add this event to your calendar and set it to remind you.

Cleaning for about 15 minutes should be enough for most desks and work spaces. You’ll feel refreshed when you sit down to a clean and orderly desk.

Make your desk an inspiring place to work through organization

You spend a lot of time at your desk. Why not make it inspirational? Banish all clutter so you are free from distraction. Then, you can make your desk a dynamic place to work by adding a touch of your style. Decorate with simple images or works of art. Use organizational tools to make room for creativity, too. Adding a pencil holder full of colored markers will encourage you to mark up the work you’re editing. A stack of sticky notes is perfect for jotting down creative thoughts and reminders.

What are your best tips for staying on track in the office? DataComm Plus is committed to helping you stay productive through our telecommunication systems and business solutions. Call (262) 207-1100 today to speak to a technology expert.


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