4 Killers of Office Productivity

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Sound familiar? If you ever find yourself staring at the clock waiting for your day to end, you’re not alone. Anyone who works in an office setting may be enthusiastic at the beginning of the day, but can become bored after a while. Motivation plays a crucial role for productivity in an office environment, as well as fighting the need to watch the clock. Feeling unmotivated can lead to other problems, like having a negative attitude and not getting work done (save for memorizing how long a minute takes.)

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4 Killers of Office Productivity

1. Routine and monotony

After working in the same position for years, (or even months) it’s easy to lose interest in the work, especially if you aren’t getting great results or feedback. Companies are often blamed for monotony and boredom, which breeds negative attitudes among employees and lowers morale.

Solution: Express your concerns, and ask for some constructive feedback. Have ideas ready that could be used to make some small changes and improve your work environment, and be prepared to defend them to your manager.

2. Letting personal life affect work

It’s easy to allow your personal and professional lives cross, especially when so much of our lives are spent at work. However, allowing your personal life to get in the way of your job can create a messy situation, and prevent you from fully focusing on the daily tasks at hand.

Solution: When you enter the office, free your mind from everything that is related to your home and family until you leave the office. Building a clear separation between your work and personal lives will help create a good balance.

3. Surfing the Internet

Spending a few minutes checking Facebook and Twitter throughout the day adds up quickly. Any time spent visiting mindless web pages is time you could be spending on your tasks at hand. Don’t make it a habit to surf the Internet while on the clock; it’s unprofessional, and most employers disapprove of doing so.

Solution: Set mini goals for yourself. Once you accomplish them, reward yourself with a walk around the office or a healthy snack to help clear your mind. If you just can’t help yourself, block certain web addresses you visit frequently using a computer application like Self Control.

4. Overbearing Superiors

Feeling like your boss is never pleased with your work is very frustrating and can eventually lead to a loss of motivation. Constant pressure can make you see the office as a negative environment, and could inhibit your creativity and skills.

Solution: Use your boss’ criticism as motivation to do better. Can you find any truth in what he or she is telling you? How can you personally improve? Be honest with yourself— your manager may be making good points! However, if your feel you boss is being verbally abusive, you may want to consider talking to their boss.

What are your best tips for staying on track in the office? DataComm Plus is committed to helping you stay productive through our telecommunication systems and business solutions. Call (262) 207-1100 today to speak to a technology expert.


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37 thoughts on “4 Killers of Office Productivity

  1. It’s important to keep your job interesting, that way it is more fulfilling for the employee. Adding some new duties or replacing a few old ones once the regular ones are being achieved at their max efficiency can really help.

  2. All four aforementioned factors CAN be burdensome, in relation to productivity in the office; ergo, keep you employees happy, maintain a laid-back (yet professional enough) atmosphere, and most of all keep as many streams of communication open between coworkers to create an office setting that is comforting, welcoming, and efficient!

  3. I will certainly say that it’s difficult to be productive if you’re not doing something that you love; however, if you are that can prove to be a challenge because it may be easy to get distracted helping others or just getting more into your work than necessary.

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