5 Apps that Boost Office Productivity

Mobile apps have revolutionized the way we work and communicate, enabling us to transfer information at any time and any place. Devices like iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks are making it easier to do work on the go and are boosting productivity outside the office. These 5 apps from Apple do just that. Apple App in the Office

1. GoodReader

GoodReader acts like a file manager, which is a feature the iPad lacks. You can read many types of files and view them in a central location that have been transferred over Wi-FI or other apps like iTunes and Mail. Price: $4.99

2. Keynote

Keyote allows you to create and edit presentations right from your iPad. You can create complex slide transitions and effects, change information, and remote-control your presentation from your device. You can even export presentations as a PDF file. Price: $9.99

3. LinkedIn

Though most people see this in a social media platform, this is an online app that assists in business networking. LinkedIn can assist in the hiring process or doing business with a specific company. It is a free application and provides a platform to communicate professionally and efficiently. Price: Free

4. QuickOffice

Available for iPhone, iPad, or Android devices, QuickOffice allows business professionals to open and edit Microsoft Office files. It includes compatibility with Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. QuickOffice also syncs with Google Drive, so your information stays up to date as soon as you make a change. Price: Varies per device

5. 1Password

Everyone has trouble remembering passwords for multiple websites, but 1Password takes care of that. Not only can you store confidential login information, but it also keeps credit card information safe. This app also gives you the ability to log in to websites with a single tap. Its AES encryption and auto-lock features will protect your information even if your device is lost or stolen. Cost: $17.99

What are your favorite apps that help you stay on track when you’re away from the office? DataComm Plus offers many data solutions and phone systems that can also play a big part in making sure you stay productive. Call us at (262) 207-1100 or contact us via web for more information.


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