5 Social Media Mistakes your Business Could be Making

When used correctly, social media platforms are a great way to engage with both potential and current customers. DataComm Plus has compiled a list of mistakes businesses often make when initiating or undergoing changes in social media efforts. Avoid these 5 problems we often see in order to create a following of engaging consumers.

Social Media

1. Vanity Metrics

Measuring social media results is always necessary, but are you measuring success solely in terms the number of followers or likes you have? Putting too much of an emphasis on these vanity metrics rather than gauging interaction or leads coming from social media will have you focusing too heavily on aspects that might not bring results. What are you doing aside from recruiting followers that will further your business?

2. Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic expectations can cause disappointment and frustration with social media platforms and efforts as a whole. Social media will help build brand awareness and trust among consumers and greatly increase communication with your audience. However, it will probably never be your number-one selling technique. Understand how social media can be very cost-effective communication tool when used correctly.

3. Inconsistency

Social media isn’t a “one and done” marketing element. Proper maintenance and strategic interactions are key to keeping consumers interested, so don’t feel like you can post important information for just a month or two and expect great results. Building customer support and communication takes time, but consistent, relevant and strategic postings will eventually help you reach your realistic goals.

4. Grammatical Errors

Unfortunately this is an all-too common mistake we see. While you may be the most knowledgeable and successful person professional in your field, grammatical errors discredit you and turn off readers. Check and double check your work before posting anything. Trust us, consumers do notice.

5. Over-Promoting

Some businesses get in the habit of solely writing about what they do and what they sell. That is great to do sometimes, but you should post about a variety of topics. You want to be viewed as a thought leader in your industry. Post relevant news and interesting questions to improve your credibility among followers.

Sometimes it’s best to leave social media efforts to professionals. Allow DataComm Plus to guide you in your initiatives. We’ll help you build an engaging and interactive brand that is seen as credible among your consumers. Give us a call at one of our two locations or fill out a web submission form. We’d love to hear from you!

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