DataComm Plus Now Offering ConferTel

Doing business these days can be a national or even global experience and that means staying in touch with people who may be thousands of miles away. So the need for an efficient means of communications is more critical than ever. From conferences to webinars to new business pitches you need to look good, sound clear, and have the latest technology at your disposal.ConferTel-logo

That’s why DataComm Plus chose ConferTel as our communications partner to offer the ultimate in off-site communication. ConferTel specializes in teleseminar and conference call services that include webinars, audio and video conferences and telewebinars which increase your communications choices and up your productivity. That can mean a much wider audience for your business at a lower cost than you might think.

Some of the services offered by ConferTel:

  • Fully operator assisted conference calls for large-scale or high profile events.
  • Full service unattended audio conferencing both toll-free or toll dial.
  • Real-time closed captioning text for all conference calls, webinars or other events.
  • Webinars with customized features such as registration, post-event surveys and even professional moderators. Managed webinars also offer technical assistance and troubleshooting.
  • After your event is over ConferTel can also deliver recorded presentations of your event in several editions for follow up or even sales.

DataComm chooses ConferTel for its flexibility, cost efficient delivery, and ease of use, so if you want to expand the reach of your business and make use of the latest communications technology give us a call and we can show you how. We’re offering a coupon redeemable for 5 hours worth of conferencing services compliments of your DataComm Plus Customer Advocate! 

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