Wander Management Systems Are Critical To Resident Safety

Healthcare facility management feel a special obligation to the people they care for. This is especially true for residential care and nursing home managers. They are responsible for the care and safety of residents, some of who have Alzheimer’s or dementia, and require special attention.

dementia-Alzheimers-wander-preventionAlzheimer’s and dementia patients can be at risk for elopement, sometimes known as wandering, when they find themselves in unfamiliar places. They’re also susceptible to what has been called “sundowning”, a term used for the agitation some dementia patients feel as dusk settles. Residents may attempt to leave their facility in an attempt to find something or someplace that they recognize.

The National Quality Forum, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of health care in America, has a list of what they refer to as the Never Events, the most serious medical mistakes that might cause harm to patients. Injury or death due to patient elopement is listed at number three on the list.

A simple band around the wrist or ankle integrates with sensors on doorways, elevators or stairways to alert facility staff of an unauthorized exit or entrance. Software can coordinate the remote locking or unlocking of doors as well as notify hospital staff and security of a safety incident.

So when it comes to the safety and security of Alzheimer’s or dementia patients choosing a dependable wander management system is critical. DataComm Plus has a superior system that will keep patients safe so facility staff can focus on compassionate care. If your facility would like a consultation give us a call and we would be happy to meet with you. 

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