Social Networking An Increasing Security Threat

Do your employees spend more time on Facebook than you’d like? Do you see Tweets about reality shows from your account managers during business hours?

Social media is hard to avoid in the workplace and it’s a vital part of doing business these days. Seeing what your competition is up to, following the latest trends, or reading reviews of your latest product are just a few reasons why you need access to the web.

Protecting your company from security threats should include social networks.

But a report from McAfee Security Summit in London shows that social networking can also be a serious security threat to your company. Nearly 62% of survey respondents cited social networks as a significant threat to information security. Emails and other unstructured data came in at 59%.

Mobile security is also a growing concern. The practices and behaviors of users who don’t follow data-retention policies was around 59% while lost or stolen mobile devices was 58%.

The ever-growing popularity of BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is creeping up on the list of threats. Fewer than one in five respondents had a BYOD policy in place for employees and those who did said they were continually growing in complexity and coverage. Multiple platforms across multiple devices further complicates IT readiness to counter a mobile threat.

Having policies in place to anticipate security threats, establish social networking parameters and ultimately counter any attacks that manage to get through is vital both to company function and client support.

DataComm Plus offers services from firewall management to cloud storage to manage and protect both your data and your client’s. For more information on these and our other IT services just give us a call at (262) 207-1100 and we’d be happy to help. 

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