DataComm goes to TigerPaw and Learns about the Latest and Greatest New Technologies

Mission Possible was the theme this year’s Tiger Paw Conference held in Chicago.  Three days of exciting information, new innovative ideas and fun led all attendees to conclude that the mission is possible.

While at the Tiger Paw Conference we were educated about new advancements in their software that will allow for smoother flowing internal processes. These software enhancements will provide faster service turnaround and allow us to have better communication with our customer.

Vendors were able to give us information about existing and new technologies that are shaping the pathway for the future of the technology industry.

A team building scavenger hunt was the one of the first activities on the agenda. It was not only fun, but gave an opportunity for all attendees to network with industry leaders.

One of the highlights of the conference was a speech from the keynote speaker, Howard Putnam, Ex CEO for SouthWest Airlines. He spoke very positively about how to be a key player in the technology industry. Three of the major points that are still stuck in our heads are…

  • Some play the game, while others are game changers
  • If you are selling a vision or an experience you are selling a brand
  • Dedicated people can make a reality out of their dreams

Thank you Tiger Paw for continuing to be one of our valued Partners! 

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