Is Android Poised To Eat The Apple?

Computers users are increasingly turning to tablets for portability and ease of use. And while most people continue to think of the iPad as the cool tablet on the block new research data indicates that this may not be the case forever.

IDG Connect conducted a study on upcoming tablet purchases and consideration. It asked 3,124 IT and business professionals worldwide. The results say it’s possible that Android will overtake Apple by 2015.

Forty-four percent of first time tablet buyers in both business and IT planned to purchase an Android device in the upcoming 12 months, compared with just 27 percent planning to go with Apple.

“The rise in tablet usage and increasing prevalence of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is set to have a fundamental impact on IT and business over the next few years,” said Kathryn Cave, editor at IDG Connect, in a press release announcing the results. “These findings signify changes in work mobile consumption and market leadership in the tablet arena.”

With lower price points Android is poised to eat the Apple.

Other findings:

  • Seventy-one percent of respondents said they already own a tablet, and 51 percent of those reported having an iPad.
  • Forty-four percent said they’d choose a Linux-based operating system.
  • Only three percent said they’d opt for Windows 8.
  • In Africa, for instance, 44 percent indicated they’d choose an Android tablet, compared with only 21 percent planning to buy an iPad.
  • In Europe, only 23 percent of new buyers said they plan to buy an iPad, compared with a full 49 percent who have set their sights on an Android tablet.
  • Future buyers in North America and Australia/New Zealand showed the lowest preference for Android tablets, with only 30 percent of North American buyers and 35 percent of those in Australia/New Zealand choosing them over iPad.

Market intelligence firm, IDC, also predicts that by 2016 the reign of the iPad will be over with buyers settling for the less expensive Android products.

“As the sole vendor shipping iOS products, Apple will remain dominant in terms of worldwide vendor unit shipments,” said Tom Mainelli, research director, Mobile Connected Devices.”However, the sheer number of vendors shipping low-priced, Android-based tablets means that Google’s OS will overtake Apple’s in terms of worldwide market share by 2015.”

There’s one very bright spot for Apple, however. IDC predicts that iOS will remain the market leader, revenue-wise, through 2016 and beyond.

So what does this mean for your business? It means you’ll have more choices, more applications and potentially more challenges for your IT managers as they’ll be required to maintain more varied in-house as well as a BYOD workforce.  For more tips and advice call us at DataComm Plus. We can recommend the best possible communications package for your company. From integrated telephone systems to IT, web marketing and everything in between DataComm Plus can partner with you for the best communications solutions. 

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  1. In other words, HTC did not abide by the OHA rules and used Android phone OS for a tablet even thoguh Google told them not to and now they are trying to point the finger at Google because they don’t have access to Honeycomb. . . . is that about right?Well, I guess HTC can just wait then. Another reason to be avoiding these tablets that don’t have Honeycomb on them.If you are going to use a free OS the least you could do is follow the guidelines, HTC.

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