Lunch and Learn in May, 2011

Hello everyone and happy spring (kind of).  I wanted to share some news that I am very excited about for the month of May…  We are hosting a lunch and learn on May 5, 2011 right here in Brookfield at the Doubletree Hotel and Conference Center.  That is not the exciting part though, the part that I am excited about is the topic – it is a new product called Phybridge and I think it is going to change the face of IP telephony in a big way. 
The basic idea behind Phybridge is that it will allow for easier, faster and more seamless transitions to IP technology from a legacy phone system.  A lot of larger accounts are interested in IP technology, but are not interested in running thousands of feet of CAT5 cable to take advantage of that technology.  This is the answer to that problem – Phybridge essentially works like a kind of converter that allows CAT3 cable to be converted into a CAT5 cable in a couple of very easy steps.
Anyone who has worked with IP technology would also tell you that the IT guy’s NIGHTMARE is trying to make data and voice work together on the same network.  It is a recipe for disaster at times and a minor irritation in some other cases – the problem is that you don’t know in advnace if you are going to be the disaster or have a system that works flawlessly without a network assessment and possibly some costly upgrades.  Again, Phybridge is the answer – this product allows you to keep the data and voice networks totally separate so your IT guy can relax and worry about what he is best at – data, while Phones Plus handles the rest.
Bottom line is that this could be an amazing tool for a wide vairety of businesses and is the easiest method of deploying IP technology without a major disruption to your work week.  This lunch and learn is (as always) a free learning opportunity Phones Plus is extending to our customers, their guests and the community at large – best part is, lunch is on us!  Come on out, learn about a great new technology and enjoy some lunch, just remember to RSVP soon – space is limited and it is filling up FAST.
Thank you very much and I look forward to seeing you there! 

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