Zultys MXIE Demo

This week, we are trying to really focus on learning all we can about Zultys products.  It was fairly recently that we became a Zultys authorized dealer and we want to make sure that we are experts on their products as we start selling more of them.  These products are designed to be very advanced and cutting edge – they are designed from SIP up.  Also, these systems are designed to give you as many features as possible with minimal licensing so that once you buy the phones and all of the equipment you will not have to make a huge investment to get the features that you want. 
You can pretty much get any number of users on a single system – these systems will get really big if you need that, or you can get a small system for a business that has plans for growth.  The MXIE is the Unified Communications solution offered by Zultys – it would be the Zultys equivalent of Toshiba’s Strata Call Manager (NetPhone) and it is extremely easy to use once you get the hang of it.  Check out the video above and you will see how MXIE can increase productivity by offering a very simple format for call handling and voicemail options.
If you have any questions regarding MXIE or any other Zultys product, please feel free to contact Phones Plus at 262-784-2311 and we will be happy to answer whatever questions you may have.  Have a great week everyone! 

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