Disaster Recovery

Even with all of the new technology made available to businesses in this day and age, there is nothing that can prevent phones from occasionally going down and not working.  Every business owner knows that every minute that goes by with no phones working not only feels like an eternity, but equals the loss of business.  So, as we in Wisconsin enter into the season of storms and flooding and tornadoes, what do you do when the inevitable happens and your phones go down?
You could turn off your system, reboot and hope for the best.  You could call a technician that just got about 100 other frantic calls at the same moment, because, let’s face it – the chances of you being the only one with phones down is just slim.  You could try to reach your service provider to see if they know anything about this and how to fix it.  Truth is, all of those are things that people who aren’t fully prepared have to do.  You are far wiser than that though, so you got yourself a disaster recovery provider and your phones will experience minimal down time and your customers (or potential customers) will have no idea that your system is even down.
The way it works is very simple…  You get yourself a provider of disaster recovery services who will let you knwo how to set up your main voicemail box and everyone’s private voicemail box.  From there, you set everything up in house so that when phones go down your customers will get the previously set up system when they call in.  There is an Automated Attendant in place that offers them the option to be connected to anyone with whom they need to speak.  Once they make that selection of who to speak to, the call gets forwarded to that person’s pre determined number at which they can be reached (this is usually a cell phone number).
All it takes to activate the disaster recovery system is to call your phone service provider and ask them to forward all of your calls to the designated number that the automated attendant is connectied to.  It is just that simple and the disruption to the flow of calls and business as usual is very minimal so you don’t have to lose business over the loss of your phone service in your office.
For more information on disaster recovery please contact Phones Plus at 262-784-2311 and speak to one of our sales representatives to answer any questions you may have.  Have a great week everyone!

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