Getting Started on Utilizing Social Media Tools

Here we go!  Entering into a new time where social media is going to become a more prominent part of our business to help us share more easily and seamlessly with existing customers and future prospects.  Today finds us with a new Linkedin business page, a Twitter account and hopefully (if the confirmation e-mail ever shows up) a Facebook page as well.
This is the result of a lot of good intentions to start using social media for a while.  Everyone seemed too busy to actually devote the time to getting it all started for real, so when I attended a seminar about how to best use social media I decided the time had come.  This is going to be an interesting journey and I look forward to not only a creative outlet, but to hopefully putting a lot of very technical stuff into terms that even I can understand! 
Thanks for your interest in our blog and I promise that we will be posting as often as possible with upcoming events, news, and anything you need to know about innovations in telephony.  We also very much look forward to getting some feedback, so please comment and let us know of anything you would like to hear about or have questions on. 
Thank you and we will see you here again soon! 

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